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After Care

Although your pre-finished hardwood floor offers high durability and easy maintenance, it is not indestructable. In order to maintain and preserve the beauty of your floor the following guidlines should save you time and worry:


Regularly sweep or vacuum the floor to prevent sand or abrasive dust from accumulating and scratching the finish.

Use manufacturers specified maintenance products for safe, quick and easy maintenance of your hardwood floor.

Place doormats outside and rugs inside at every entrance to prevent sand and abrasive dust from accumulating.

Place a rug infront of the dishwasher and the kitchen sink to protect the floor from water, oily detergent spills and falling objects.

Use protectors under all narrow casters or replace them with wider rubber casters. Avoid plastic casters.

Protect the floor when moving heavy pieces of furniture. Carry them or place them on a rug, wrong side up, and slide the rug. Refrigerators should never be moved without adequate floor protection.

The relative humidity level in your house must be maintained at between 40% - 50% throughout the year. Problems related to humidity level variations can be minimized by proper ventilation, dehumidifying and heating.


Do not pour floor cleaner directly on the floor. Always apply to a cloth then clean floor.

Never allow any liquid to remain on the floor.

Avoid dripping mops which leave excess water on your floor. Some manufacturers recommend cleaning hardwood floors with a mop rinsed in a water and vinegar solution - this is acceptable so long as the mop is squeezed dry beforehand.

Never use wax, oil-based detergents or household cleaners. This may dullen or damage the finish, leaving a greasy film that will make your floor slippery and more difficult to clean.